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What makes Lorna Whiston different from other educational institutions?
We offer English language programmes for pre-primary, primary and secondary students, as well as a range of teacher training and corporate training programmes for adults. In addition, we operate successful bi-lingual preschools in Singapore and China, and have dynamic speech and drama schools in both Singapore and Malaysia.
In short, it's our unique curriculum, tailor-made to our students' needs, our highly qualified teaching staff and our determination to make each and every learning experience at Lorna Whiston count, that sets us apart from the rest.
What makes us stand out?
Lorna Whiston Schools has been the go-to brand for English language programmes in South East Asia since 1980.
Initially set up as a simple tuition centre, Lorna Whiston has grown from a small, family-oriented enterprise into an internationally renowned brand known for its educational quality and excellence.
Today, we are one of the leading English language institutions in the region.
How we started
From humble beginnings to
multi-national success
As a young teacher, Lorna taught in the UK before coming to Malaysia and Singapore to teach with the British Armed Forces. Later she taught at International Schools in Singapore and became a School Principal in 1971.
In 1980, she opened the first Lorna Whiston Study Centre with the aim of improving the standard of English language among Singaporean students. Over the years, the demand for quality English language programmes has grown and so has our company.
Our company growth has been steady and carefully planned. With an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, we spare no expense to ensure that our students get the very best in terms of educational opportunities.
What we stand for
Our Vision
To be the leading education provider of language programmes for children and adults in Asia.
Our Mission
Lorna Whiston Schools Pte Ltd aims to be the leader in providing quality English Language teaching and training, to improve and enhance the English language knowledge and experience of young people, so that they may excel in the twenty-first century's bi-lingual and multi-cultural environment.
Our Values
Lorna Whiston Schools Pte Ltd achieves quality business strategies and processes that are open, honest and accountable and which achieve economic viability, without compromising our stated values or the needs and rights of stakeholders, customers and providers.
Lorna Whiston Schools puts the child first. Our commitment to educational excellence lies behind every decision that is made.
As we grow and diversify, we take great care not to lose sight of the high quality of educational programmes and teachers that have been our trademark for so many years.
  • Opens Lorna Whiston English, located at Kowloon, Hong Kong, the first franchisee outside of Singapore
  • Earns the SPARK accreditation from Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) for Winchester preschool
  • Relaunch of our brand new logo and name
  • Organises International Young Learners TESOL conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 150 educators and parents (fifth LW conference)
  • Signs a strategic partnership with Open University Malaysia to provide teacher training programmes in English language
  • Organises International Young Learners Conference on Innovative Approaches to Early Literacy, Singapore for 200 educators. (fourth LW conference)
  • Wins Top Finalist for Best Enrichment Learning Experience (the second time), awarded by Singapore Tourism Board
  • Receives Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organisations accreditation from Spring Singapore
  • Receives SPARK accreditation from Ministry of Community, Youth and Services (MCYS), awarded to our preschool at Winchester
  • Launch of Lorna Whiston REAL Learning Curriculum
  • Opens second Enrichment Centre in Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Organises International Young Learners TESOL conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 150 educators and parents (third LW conference)
  • Celebrates 30 years in Singapore with the Year of the Reader with fund raising events throughout the years. Over $10,000 raised for Life Community Services Society, a children's charity.
  • Wins Top Finalist for Best Enrichment Learning Experience, awarded by Singapore Tourism Board
  • Launch of Lorna Whiston Preschool @ Raintree Cove, our second bilingual preschool in Singapore
  • Wins the Best Enrichment Programme (the second time), awarded by Singapore Tourism Board
  • Organises International Young Learners TESOL conference in Singapore for 200 educators (second LW conference)
  • Launch of Lorna Whiston Teacher Training and Development Unit.
  • Receives the Vice Chancellors Teaching Award from the University of York, UK for the excellent programme. Helen Marjan, Joint CEO at Lorna Whiston who supervises the programme, is part of the teaching team.
  • Wins the Best Enrichment Programme by Singapore Tourism Board
  • Runs our first bilingual kindergarten in Shenyang, China.
  • Organises the first IATEFL conference (outside of UK) in Singapore for 170 educators. IATEFL (the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) was founded in the UK in 1967, and now has over 3500 members in 100 different countries worldwide. (first LW conference)
  • Receives Singapore Quality Class Private Education Organisation. The first private enrichment centre for young learners in Singapore to be awarded.
  • Partnership with the University of York, UK to offer the highly specialized Master of Arts in Teaching English Young Learners in Singapore.
  • Begins conducting teacher training workshops in Singapore schools
  • Receives Singapore Quality Class award from Spring Singapore
  • Opens the Speech and Drama centre at United Square Mall
  • Opens the first bilingual preschool at Winchester Road
  • Runs Outreach programmes to local primary and secondary schools
  • Opens the Parkway Parade language centre
  • Opens Tun Ismail language centre the first Enrichment centre in Kuala Lumpur
  • Opens language centre in United Square mall
  • Lorna Whiston opens the first study centre
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