My son Cedric joined Lorna Whiston Preschool at Raintree Cove almost 11 months ago. I'm amazed by the dedication, commitment and the amount of extra time and effort put in by all the teachers at the school. Thank you for all that you do!
Alice, Parent of Cedric K1 Angelfish 2013 (Raintree Cove)
Little Explorers
Our Little Explorers programme encourages children to learn through multi-sensory learning centres. These centres help children make sense of the world around them...
English Enrichment Programme
for Nursery 1
Our Nursery 1 children enjoy experiential learning in a secure and stimulating environment. We approach language learning with these very young learners through carefully selected stories, songs, rhymes and a wide variety of hands-on...
English Enrichment Programme
for Nursery 2
The teachers who work with these very young learners are carefully selected, not only for their qualifications, but also for their warm and caring approach ...
Fun with Phonics
for Nursery 2
Fun with Phonics is a unique phonics programme developed by our curriculum team at Lorna Whiston which is designed to give young learners a head start with reading, writing and spelling ...
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