Our Nursery children enjoy experiential learning in a secure and stimulating environment. We approach language learning with these very young learners though carefully selected stories, songs, rhymes and a wide variety of hands-on learning activities that will appeal to the children's interests and suit their relatively short concentration spans.

Little Explorers

For children 18 months to 3,5 years old
Class duration - 2 hours

Based on the theory that young children learn best through play and discovery Little Explorers is a creative language arts programme which encourages children to explore, discover and create through multi-sensory learning centres. Through collaborative play and one to one interaction with our early years teachers, our very youngest learners developing their cognitive skills and rapidly pick up the ability to communicate and socialize with others.

Nursery 1

For children 2 to 3 years old
Class duration - 2 hours

In Nursery 1 we build confidence in the following skills:
  • recognise and name some of the letters of the alphabet
  • recognise their own name
  • recognise rhythm and recite familiar songs, finger plays and poems
  • appreciate stories and respond verbally to a simple picture story
  • relate to other children well through parallel play, and express themselves with confidence
  • learn appropriate behaviours on controlling emotions
  • listen to others and participate co-operatively in group activities
  • work on pencil grip to draw, and to form lines and circles
  • practise fine motor skills activities (e.g. threading, jigsaws, colouring, painting, playdough)
  • share their personal experiences with others in simple sentences
  • use simple vocabulary to name objects and convey wants and needs
  • understand simple directions and common phrases used in routine situations
  • complete classification activities (e.g. colours, shapes, objects)
  • use language confidently to communicate with others

Nursery 2

For children 3 to 4 years old
Class duration - 2 hours

In Nursery 2 we build confidence in the following skill
  • recognise and name the letters of the alphabet
  • identify initial letter sounds (phonics)
  • recognise rhythm and recite familiar songs, finger plays and rhymes
  • appreciate stories and be able to retell a simple story in their own words
  • relate to other children well, and express themselves confidently
  • listen to others and participate co-operatively in group activities
  • use a pencil correctly to draw, and to form letters and numbers
  • develop fine motor control skills
  • understand and follow simple instructions
  • speak confidently about their own personal experiences
  • use a sufficiently broad vocabulary to be able to express themselves clearly
  • sort and classify objects according to one or more attributes

Fun with Phonics

For children 4 to 6 years old
Class duration - 2 hours

Fun with Phonics is a unique new phonics programme designed by our curriculum team at Lorna Whiston to support children with reading, writing and spelling. It is a systematic, sequential programme that teaches students the individual letter sounds and the skills of blending and segmenting that are necessary for them to learn to read and write. The children are taught to listen carefully to the sounds of words, to identify the sounds they hear and to relate them to the words on a page.

The programme is taught through a wide variety of fun, multi-sensory activities. Puppets, puzzles, stories, songs, rhymes, art and craft activities and phonic games all feature regularly, ensuring that phonics is taught in an effective and enjoyable way.

There are three distinct levels to the Fun with Phonics programme:
  1. Ready! - introduces children to the initial letter names, sounds and shapes. Having grasped these concepts, the children are then introduced to simple blending.
  2. Steady! - focuses on CVC blending (a word made up of a consonant, vowel and consonant), two letter consonants blends, consonant digraphs and rhyming words.
  3. Go! - reviews letter blends before moving on to more complex phonics such as word endings, vowel digraphs and three letter blends.


From 18 months to 6 years old



From 2 to 16 years old



From 2 to 16 years old

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