"My oldest son, who is serving his NS, was a LWSC student for 6 years and now my youngest daughter attends K1 classes. I firmly believe that the unique curriculum at Lorna Whiston has enriched and nurtured my kids... all of them are very motivated to learn."
Mrs C Sugianto, mother of six, who has sent all her children aged 5 to 18 years to Lorna Whiston since 1990.
Creative Writing P1 to P5
For students who have an active imagination, our Creative Writing programmes are the perfect choice. These stimulating programmes are designed to provide children with greater freedom to use their imaginations and express their thoughts and ideas in a more creative way. Students are introduced to a wide range of writing genres and are taught the necessary language skills to help them become more proficient users of the English language.
English Enrichment Programme
for Primary 1
The first year of primary school can be a difficult one for many students, and it is at this time that they often need a great deal of support with their language skills ...
English Enrichment Programme
for Primary 2
Lorna Whiston's Primary 2 English programme focuses on building upon the children's vocabulary, and developing proficient reading and writing skills. In addition ...
English Enrichment Programme
for Primary 3
Lorna Whiston's Primary 3 English programme focuses on giving students a solid foundation in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills ...
English Enrichment Programme
for Primary 4
Lorna Whiston's Primary 4 English programme helps children move into the upper primary years with confidence, by providing them with the necessary skills to succeed ...
English Enrichment Programme
for Primary 5
Lorna Whiston's Primary 5 English programme aims to provide students with all the skills they need to succeed in P5 at school. Our P5 syllabus is both comprehensive ...
PSLE Preparatory Programme
for Primary 6
Primary 6 is the most important academic year for Singaporean students because it is the year in which they sit for their PSLE. Lorna Whiston's PSLE programme has been specifically developed to cover all areas of the PSLE English language syllabus
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