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Primary 6 is the most important academic year for Singaporean students. because it is the year in which they sit for their PSLE. Lorna Whiston's PSLE programme has been specifically developed to cover all areas of the PSLE English language syllabus, as stipulated by the Ministry of Education. Our P6 syllabus is both comprehensive and challenging, and is delivered through the vehicle of interesting themes designed to motivate students and keep them interested in their studies.
Our P6 PSLE programme focuses not only on the PSLE content, but also equips students with specific study skills aimed at helping them learn and revise more effectively for their exams. The programme has had astounding success in recent years, and has proven to be highly effective in preparing students of all levels for the PSLE.
By the end of our Primary 6 programme, we aim for the students to be able to:
  • speak clearly using standard English, and take part confidently in conversations, group discussions, problem-solving activities and group presentations
  • describe a picture in detail, using a broad vocabulary and a range of structures and expressions
  • read aloud fluently and expressively
  • listen to and answer questions on a variety of texts
  • read age appropriate books with understanding, analyse characters' motives and infer meaning from contextual clues
  • complete reading comprehensions and cloze passages (including graphic stimulus)
  • complete synthesis and transformation exercises successfully
  • plan, draft, write and edit and improve upon their own compositions
  • manage functional writing tasks adeptly, including letters, notes, postcards, memos etc
  • use a broad and expressive vocabulary in both speech and writing
  • understand and use tenses (present, past, future and perfect tenses) accurately, and show a good knowledge of grammar (expressive adjectives & adverbs, synonyms, modal verbs, relative clauses, phrasal verbs, idioms, metaphors, similes)


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