Hop like a grasshopper!
Chug like a train!
Slither like a snake!

Our youngest learners love our exciting Early Bird Programmes! Stimulating stories, dynamic drama adventures and lively songs and rhymes abound as the children explore the different letter and speech sounds.

The Early Bird Programmes draw on a wide range of creative languages and sensory-motor activities to support children's early language development, helping them move towards clearer speech whilst having a whole lot of fun!
Age Group
Level 1
Nursery 1 (for children born in 2012)
At this level parents come along to class with their child and participate in the sessions to help engage the students.
Different letters are introduced each week. The teacher then takes the children and their parents through a fun, dramatic adventure to help the students present the names of letters, articulate their sounds, express key words and perform with the teacher.
Level 2
Nursery 2 (for children born in 2011)
Children who enrol for our Early Bird Level 2 programme take part in class without their parents. During lessons the children are encouraged to express full, colourful sentences, articulate expressive phrases, give opinions and perform with confidence.
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