Course Fees for Nursery 1 to Elementary 2, Trinity Level 1 to 8, Speak Up, Confident Communicators and Trinity Drama Students
(2 hours lesson per week)
Course FeeWeekdayWeekend
Terms 1 (10 weeks)$577.80$642.00
Terms 2 (12 weeks)$693.36$770.40
Terms 3 (11 weeks)$635.58$706.20
Terms 4 (13 weeks)$751.14$834.60
All fees are inclusive of 7% GST, except deposit fees.
All information and fees are accurate as at December 2016.

Registration & Fees Information

Enrolment for New Students Only:
Registration Fee$53.50
Deposit Fee$150.00

Class Duration:
All English Enrichment (except Little Explorers)2 hours per week
Little Explorers4 hours per week
All Speech & Drama1.5 hours per week

Other fees (as applicable):
Trial class (non-refundable)weekdayweekend
All English Enrichment (except Little Explorers)$77.04$85.60
Little Explorers$55.64-
All Speech & Drama$57.78$64.20
Assessment (for Fun with Phonics)$53.50$53.50

Class Size:
Little Explorers and Nursery 1&210 students per class
Kindergarten 1&2 and Primary 1-612 students per class
Early Bird Levels 1& 210 students per class
All other Speech & Drama12 students per class

Payable for new students only. This will be refunded provided:
  • The student leaves at the end of the term
  • One month's notice of withdrawal from the end of the term is given
  • The month's notice should exclude periods of extended absence, such as might occur during normal school holidays and periods when the centre is closed.

Payment of Fees
  • Programme fees include all course materials and a starter pack for new students.
  • Invoices are presented once a term and are payable in advance. Payment can be made by cash, NETS, cheque or Internet Banking. Cheques to be made payable to Lorna Whiston Schools Pte Ltd. iBanking payments to be made to DBS Bank Ltd, A/C No: 065-900590-0. Kindly include LWS invoice no, childs name, class, day and time.

* All fees are inclusive of 7% GST, except the Deposit Fee. ** Deposit fee will be refunded when the student leaves the School, provided that the student leaves at the end of a term and that one months notice of withdrawal from the last day of that term (before the start of the term break) is given. For 2017, the withdrawal notice deadlines will be: 12 Feb; 12 May; 4 Aug and 11 Nov.

Please note that it is not possible to refund fees for student absences or for public holidays.

Replacement Classes
We do not encourage students to skip a class and to make it up on another day and time, as this can disrupt their progress. However we do understand that there may be times when your child is ill, or there is a compulsory school activity which he/she needs to attend. As such, we will continue to allow for a maximum of 8 replacement classes during the year. In order to maintain continuity for the students, these replacements will be based on a cap of 2 per term. A replacement class should be arranged with the Centre's Administrative staff at least 48 hours in advance. Once your child's replacement class has been fixed, it should not be re-scheduled.

Where there are 2 public holidays observed on the same day within a term, an additional replacement class will be offered to affected students. A replacement class will also be offered for cancelled lessons, should the teacher be indisposed.


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From 2 to 16 years old

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