About Trinity
Our chosen examination body, Trinity, offers the widest and most up-to-date range of assessments in performing and communicative arts. Trinity is fully accredited and its qualifications are widely recognised for education and employment in many countries.

Our Trainers
Our trainers are fully qualified and have extensive experience in acting, presenting, public speaking and performing.

Our Track records
Our Speech and Drama Centre is very proud to announce that last year we had a 100% success rate with 98% achieving Distinction.
The Trinity Communication Skills Exams are practical oral exams which are internationally recognised. In addition to providing our students a 'real edge' in the increasingly competitive world of education and employment.

Our Trinity Communication Skills Exams syllabus develops students' ability to persuade, negotiate, summarise and communicate information, ideas and opinions in a variety of contexts. In addition to this, we offer students opportunities to develop their oral skills through group discussions, interaction and team work, all of which are widely recognised as key skill areas for success in later life.

Lorna Whiston's Speech and Drama teachers have been taking students through these exams for many years and we are confident that we can:
1. Guaranteed enjoyment
2. Guaranteed success
3. Guaranteed no stress or interference with school work
In terms 1 and 2, students take part in Speech and Drama activities that are structured to build confidence, enjoyment and skills in presenting and performing spoken English.

In terms 3 & 4 students continue to develop their skills and experience as we prepare them for the Trinity Communication Skills Exams.
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