At Lorna Whiston, we are committed to supporting the on-going professional development of teachers and educators working in the field of Teaching English to Young Learners. Moreover, we believe that teacher training courses should offer practical assistance and support to teachers in the form of innovative ideas and creative solutions that can be easily and effectively introduced and implemented in the young learner classroom.

All of our workshops and courses are highly interactive and offer a range of practical ideas that teachers can immediately implement in their classrooms, underpinned by sound educational theory. Our approach to teacher training is to encourage a high level of participation, interaction and reflection, so that participants are actively involved in the learning and development process, and are able to develop a sound understanding of the ideas and principles under discussion.
Short Courses & Workshops
Lorna Whiston's Teacher Development Unit (TDU) offers a wide range of workshops and short courses for English Language Teaching designed to support teachers and educators who work with young learners (3 - 16 year olds). In recent years, we have trained more than 3,000 teachers from over 150 primary and secondary schools in Singapore, and have run a number of key teacher training and development programmes for the MOE. Over time, we have acquired a strong reputation for delivering top quality in-service training. In addition to our core Teacher Development programmes, we are able to tailor-make courses and workshops to suit the specific requirements of schools and institutions. These can be delivered either in schools, or in our language centres.
Free Consultation
At Lorna Whiston, we believe that teacher development programmes should be custom-made to fit the specific needs of the teachers involved. In that way, we guarantee a successful and meaningful experience. Through our custom-made teacher development programmes, we can:
  • design your programme, including all lesson plans and material
  • train teachers to implement the programme
  • model relevant teaching techniquesobserve teachers, and provide evaluative feedback
  • follow up with continued support


From 18 months to 6 years old



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From 2 to 16 years old

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