Holden Martin
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

TEFL Certificate
My name is Holden and I was raised in Louisiana, USA. In 2012 I received my bachelor's degree and then moved to Hong Kong where I worked as a private English tutor for children and adults. Two years later, I moved to Singapore where I taught in an English enrichment center for 1.5 years. I gained experience with the local curriculum by teaching a wide range of learners, from nursery up to Secondary 4. Prior to formal teaching, I spent many years counselling in summer camps that fostered child development.

I give my students lots of positive encouragement and instruction to ensure that they develop in their language proficiency. Lessons are designed to be informative, interactive and stimulating in order to maximise students' learning. I am excited to continue teaching in Singapore and look forward to strengthening your child's abilities in the English language.

When I am not in the classroom, I try to eat well and travel often. Im constantly on the hunt for delicious food. Living in Singapore has given me the opportunity to explore many countries which has given me insight into how differently people live around the world. Also, I love stories so I try to read as many books and watch as many films as I can.
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