Karen Askew
Gold Medal Speaking of Verse and Prose (Distinction).
The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA),UK.
Trinity Guildhall Grade 8 Speech and Drama (Distinction)
Born in London, England, I am waiting for global warming to bring snow to Singapore! In the meantime, my return to the world of Speech and Drama, after raising three children, has been less of a challenge than I expected.

Perhaps, because I never actually stopped working! My personal experience, as the mother of a young child with a language delay, meant that my teaching role remained foremost at the top of my list of priorities!

The LAMDA Gold Medal Speaking of Verse and Prose (Distinction) plus Trinity Guildhall Grade 8 Speech and Drama (Distinction) empowered me. As you can imagine, encouragement of language for communication, clarity of speech, articulation, projection, elocution and confidence- building through Speech and Drama, all proved to be essential.

And now, your child is my child.

So, whilst we are having fun together, they will be gaining the skills that are necessary to create the Doctor with the inspiring bedside manner, the Managing Director who motivates all whom she meets, the Entrepreneur who promotes his Company world-wide...

When not teaching, you will usually find me performing at a Theatre somewhere- Most recently, in the Gala Finals of "Short and Sweet" at the Esplanade. But if you can't see me on stage, and you miss my voice between lessons, you can hear it at the National Museum of Singapore-recounting local history, as "Lady Daisy Sheldon".

I believe that Speech and Drama is beneficial in every aspect of your life; you are giving your child the opportunity to enhance both their educational standards and social life.

(And the child with the language delay? Now studying "Drama and Theatre Arts".)


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