Mae Wong
Bachelor of Education in TESL, Diploma of College Studies in Illustration & Design
My name is Mae and I am from Qubec, Canada where my career path first began. While I have taught art and literacy to children, the majority of my experience has been in ESL and EFL.

Before university, I became a certified peer tutor at Dawson College to help other students at my college ameliorate their English skills. This, along with my affinity to helping friends with their English assignments, led me to study TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) at Concordia University.

During and after university, I began teaching ESL and EFL in schools, centres and even at home. While working at Canada College, I began to realise that my students had fascinating backgrounds from so many different places. While I had begun by mainly teaching French-speaking children and teenagers from Canada, my students at Canada College came from a multitude of countries, but all had a common goal in mind: to improve their command of the English language. This created a desire to share and expand my knowledge in a new environment, as well a curiosity for travel and culture.

In 2010 with a better understanding of my field under my belt I left for Akita, Japan. There, I taught English for 5 years. In my time at Akita Minami Senior High School, I was given free-reign with lessons and exams. I was involved in helping prepare students for speech and recitation contests, proficiency tests, university exams and interviews, homestays abroad and more. I led projects and planned
English Camps. I could not have asked for a better placement in a better school, city or prefecture.

In 2015, I came to Singapore. I worked as a reading specialist at a centre for a bit over a year and began an online MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL with
Leicester University in England, which I am currently studying while teaching at Lorna Whiston Schools.

I feel very fortunate to be working in such a reputable school with so many caring and enthusiastic teachers, and hope to be able to extend the same level of care and support to you and your children. Please, feel free to approach me at any given time. I will be happy to provide more insight on your childrens progress and plans for success.


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