Michaelina Turrell
BSc Geography - Brunel University.
MSc Environmental Assessment & Analysis - Royal Holloway University of London.
PGCE Secondary - University of Hertfordshire.
Welcome. My name is Michaelina Turrell, I was born in Singapore into a Multi-cultural and diverse family and have been fortunate to live and travel extensively. Educated in Britain, I achieved my BSc, MSc and PGCE and have been teaching for the past 9 years. I have managed departments and trained fellow teachers and take an active interest in educational leadership to raise standards in learning.

My cultural tapestry and educational foundations have given me the tools and ability to understand societies diverse cultures, values, and beliefs allowing me to educate a broad range of young learners, all with one goal in common to achieve "their" full potential in "their" lives.

I am passionate about raising aspiration in education and I am a dynamic practitioner of learning, planting seeds of knowledge, nurturing through enrichment and watching as they grow and flourish into confident successful future leaders and achieve their goals and dreams.

In my free time I love to travel, always the geography teacher! I also enjoy roller skating, diving and dancing. Its great to be back in Singapore!
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