Trinity London, UK
Speech & Drama Grades 5, 7 and 8 (Distinction)
Hi I'm a senior teacher at Lorna Whiston School of Speech and Drama and I have been teaching here for the past 2 years. At Lorna Whiston I have been able to explore one of my greatest passions, teaching. There is great pleasure in being lost in the imaginative world of children, and I strongly believe that the medium of Speech and Drama allows them to explore this limitless realm.

I hold Trinity qualifications, which are internationally recognised speech and drama examinations. Moreover, having lived and studied in London, I have had the opportunity to experience London's West End with its many theatrical productions. I believe that learning is a lifelong journey and I am currently pursuing a degree in English Language and Literature.

I love dancing and have completed my ballet grades. Being a dancer I have always enjoyed performing and have gained a great deal of confidence from it. In my free time you'll find me out and about, taking a walk through Singapore's Nature Reserves or at the beach devouring a book.
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