Lorna Whiston Preschool and English Enrichment Centres
Full Accreditation

Full Accreditation

At our Enrichment Centres, our English Enrichment programmes are all approved by and aligned with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum. Our Speech & Drama programmes adopt the internationally recognized Trinity College of London Syllabus. We are also a registered Trinity Examination Centre, which means our students can take their exams in the familiar surroundings of our studios.

Lorna Whiston Schools was awarded the Singapore Quality Class Award, in recognition of Commendable Performance in Business Excellence since 2015.

Lorna Whiston Preschool was voted by Parents World as the Best Preschool Bilingual Curriculum With Masterclass Enrichment in 2019.

Awarded by Singapore’s Child Preschool Awards 2019 as the Best In Providing Well-Balanced Early Years Programme.