Lorna Whiston Preschool and English Enrichment Centres

Preschool Teacher

Role Purpose
To provide a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment where young learners’ cognitive, physical, social and emotional needs will be met, and where their positive early learning experiences will engender in them a love of learning.

Role Responsibilities 

Planning, Teaching and Class Management

  • To prepare and deliver Lorna Whiston Preschool’s bi-lingual curriculum with care and enthusiasm, in ways that facilitate active learning, excite curiosity and enrich young learners’ knowledge and understanding.
  • To meet the learning objectives of the age group of children under your care.
  • To differentiate learning activities to meet the varying needs of the children.
  • To plan the co-delivery of the programme with your partner teacher.
  • To use relevant teaching resources to support instruction and lesson objective.
  • To liaise closely with the Principal on any matters concerning student development, performance or behaviour that are of concern.
  • To create a stimulating, tidy and interactive classroom and learning environment.
  • To create regular displays of children’s work.
  • To establish routines and enforce age-appropriate classroom management procedures.
  • To ensure that the children are supervised and safe at all times.
  • To serve as a positive inspiration and role model to the children, and to behave at all times in a way that is ethically sound.

Monitoring, Assessment, Reporting and Recording

  • To encourage and monitor the development and progress of each individual student through informal, formative assessment and careful observation.
  • To guide and mark class work in a timely and careful manner, and to prepare portfolios of each child’s work twice a year.
  • To provide students, parents and other stakeholders with appropriate and constructive feedback on progress made, both on an on-going basis and during our more formal parent-teacher meetings
  • To maintain accurate and complete records of students' attendance, progress, development, health information and any other records required by ECDA or the preschool
  • To evaluate how well developmental and learning objectives are being achieved on an on-going basis, and to use this evaluation to improve specific aspects of teaching and learning

Activities to support the Lorna Whiston Brand

  • To be an ambassador for Lorna Whiston Pre-School Education.
  • To build a strong and positive rapport with students and parents that encourages confidence, student retention and customer loyalty.
  • To participate in field trips and school events that enrich the children’s learning.
  • To participate in company marketing initiatives and designated company’s events as required.
  • To participate in school meetings and parent-teacher meetings.
  • To liaise with colleagues on areas requiring collaboration, and to work on a flexible basis for the good of the preschool.
  • To establish effective and professional working relationships and set a good example through presentation and professional conduct.

Continued Professional Development

  • To keep up to date with developments in Early Childhood Education, and to suggest relevant changes and improvements to the preschool curriculum.
  • To participate and show a commitment to on-going personal professional development.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Relevant teaching experience in preschool curriculum to early year’s children in Singapore.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Possess positive energy, enthusiasm and patient.
  • Ability to nurture children and build their self esteem
  • Ability to engage children and deal with them in a positive and caring manner
  • Strong language skills (oral and written)
  • Hold a Diploma in Early Childhood qualification recognised by ECDA (ie L2 level)

Role Information

Reports to: Principal

(a) Kallang Wave Mall (Near to Stadium MRT, circle line)
(b) 9 Winchester Road (Near to Queenstown MRT)

Working Hours: 6 hours per weekday (Monday to Friday, 8am to 2pm) and up to 6 hours on Saturday as per centre needs.
This job description forms part of the contract of employment of the person appointed to this post. It reflects the position at the present time only and may be reviewed in negotiation with the employee in the future.

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