Lorna Whiston Preschool and English Enrichment Centres

Experienced Leadership

Every team needs a person to rally around, and at Lorna Whiston, we have hired the best of the best to lead the company—from directors behind the scenes to the headteachers on the frontline. It’s our pleasure to introduce the leaders of Lorna Whiston.

Lori Bormann

Headteacher of English Enrichment

Moving from the farmlands of the United States to the hustle’n’bustle of Singapore, Lori has been with Lorna Whiston Schools since 2005.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a Specialisation in Reading from the University of Iowa, and has been teaching ever since she graduated.

Shockingly, her favourite foods in Singapore are durian and laksa!

Renee Stone

Head of Lorna Whiston Schools

Renee is originally from Perth, Western Australia and has resided in this beautiful country for twenty-two years. She has been a teacher and a leader at enrichment centres here for the past eighteen years. She holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Education from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.

She is a passionate educator and she believes in empowering her team and her students to achieve success. She values interaction in the classroom as she believes that when students are engaged in the lesson, optimal learning can occur. Renee takes great pleasure in seeing her students develop confidence in their language acquisition.

Mari Coetsee

Head Teacher Speech & Drama

Mari joined her first Drama class at the age of 8 and hasn't looked back since! From a young age Mari has had a big love for the arts, competing in many acting festivals and winning numerous regional awards in South Africa. Mari has obtained her Bachelor of Drama (Majored in Theatre Acting and Media) at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and completed her Final Exam in Communications (Distinction) at the South African Guild of Speech and Drama. While completing her Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Mari worked as a radio presenter at her university’s local radio station and in film production.

Mari has taught in South Africa, South Korea and Singapore where she has gained experience in working with students and colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds. She believes that confidence is the key to success and is passionate about instilling 21st Century Skills in our students at Lorna Whiston which is needed to ensure they grow up to be confident communicators at home, school and at work.

She believes that every day is a new day to learn something and when she is not teaching you can find her hiking the trails around Singapore, exploring new places, trying new food and just being positively optimistic about what life has to offer.

Rose Griffiths

Deputy Head Teacher, English Enrichment

Rose has taught in primary schools in London and Manchester, UK, and has gained graduate membership of the British Psychological Society. She first worked for Lorna Whiston Schools from 2007 to 2014, and during this time, took the role of Reading Coordinator. She was also involved in teachers' training as well as adult and parent reading workshops before relocating to Kuala Lumpur. Rose recently returned to Lorna Whiston Schools in 2017.

Lynn Lin

Head of Preschools

It has been a rewarding 2 decades of commitment Lynn has dedicated to the young children across preschool, childcare centres and children’s home since 1998.

Lynn joined Lorna Whiston Preschool as a Teacher in 2004. This marked the beginning of more than a decade of professional growth and personal dedication. After four rewarding years of teaching, she took on the role of Principal, leading a number of initiatives including the setting up of new centres, bilingual curriculum development, new extracurricular development, teacher’s training (local and China) and two successive ECDA “SPARKS” accreditations in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Progressing to Senior Principal in 2013, then to Head of Preschools of Lorna Whiston Education Group in 2017, Lynn rose to the challenge each time and delivered.

During her 15 years tenure with Lorna Whiston, Lynn has been instrumental in building a Lorna Whiston culture of continued learning for staff; developing a robust learning environment and a bilingual immersion curriculum, and mentoring new staff who have embarked on new teaching roles and taking on leadership roles in the industry. Lynn holds a Bachelor of Arts (Childhood and Family Education) from Edith Cowan University (Perth) and a Post Graduate Specialist Diploma in Preschool Education (Singapore).

Serene Teo

Principal of Preschool at Kallang Wave Mall

Serene is a highly experienced early childhood educator who experienced the roles of teacher, Head Teacher, Vice Principal and Principal at her last organisation. She believes in recognising and lifting the talent within her teaching teams, and providing opportunities for growth wherever she can. Her experience also includes building a preschool from scratch and she understands the skills required to establish and grow a successful, self-sustaining school, whilst engaging the necessary support from her teaching teams and parents.

Serene firmly believes that children are life's greatest blessings and celebrates the privilege of having been able to work with these ‘precious little ones’ and their families since 2000. She considers each child to be capable individuals with the inherent desire to learn, and deems the provision of safe and nurturing environments as prerequisites for knowledge acquisition. Sharing children’s enthusiasm for exploring the world and appreciating how interactions with society supports their discovery. Serene loves taking her students out of the classrooms for experiential learning sessions and perceives parental and community involvement as an integral part of education. She endeavours to equip the children with the right skills and values to be successful and resilient in life.

Serene holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Educational Studies and Leadership from Wheelock College (Singapore) and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Leadership from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore).


Deputy Principal at Lorna Whiston Preschools

Lili has a considerable background in Early Childhood Education and has continued to enhance this during her active teaching, and through courses in both China and Singapore. She joined Lorna Whiston Preschool in 2004. LiLi is a senior teacher who also shoulders the responsibility of being Vice Principal, whereby she leads the Chinese teaching staff in ensuring the selection of Chinese language materials is appropriate and complies with the standards specified by the MOE. She aspires to develop her skills and knowledge further in her role.

Lili has a Diploma in Preschool Education Teaching – Chinese from KLC International Institute (Singapore).