Lorna Whiston Preschool and English Enrichment Centres
Fun with Phonics

For children 4 to 7 years old

Class duration:
Weekday - 1.5hours
Weekend - 2 hours

Class size:
Weekday - 10 children per class
Weekend - 12 children per class

Our Fun with Phonics programme is a unique programme designed to give young learners a head start with reading, writing and spelling. Fun with Phonics is taught through a range of fun, multi-sensory activities. Puppets, puzzles, stories, songs, rhymes, art and craft activities and phonic games all feature regularly, ensuring that phonics is taught in an effective and enjoyable way.

There are three distinct levels in the Fun with Phonics programme - Ready!, Steady!, and Go!

Students must be assessed by Lorna Whiston Schools before enrolling

  • This level introduces to the initial letter names, sounds and shapes. Having grasped these concepts, the students are then introduced to simple blending.

    When students complete Ready! they will be able to:
    • Identify sound-symbol correspondence
    • Distinguish between similar sounds
    • Develop and awareness in simple blends
  • This level focuses on CVC blending, to letter consonant blends, consonant digraphs and rhyming words.

    When students complete Steady! they will be able to:
    • Blend phonemes
    • Reading and decoding unknown words
    • Identifying and using word families
    • Developing an awareness of CVC words
  • This level focuses on consolidating letter blends before progressing on to more complex phonics such as suffixes, vowel digraphs and three letter blends.

    When students complete Go! they will be able to:
    • Segment and synthesis words
    • Attempt to spell unknown words
    • Applying their knowledge of phonics to assist with writing