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Discovery Camps / Holiday Programmes

Discovery Camps partnered with Lorna Whiston Schools provides a supportive playground of self-exploration for all children of ages 3 to 14, so they can discovery and enhance their unique skills, abilities, talents, through a diverse mix of fun learning experiences.

Why Discovery Camps?

  • Discovery Camps runs across the local and international winter school holidays. We start our summer season on 3rd of June and the fun doesn’t finish up until 16th of Aug!
  • We have 3 convenient locations to make it easier for parents to drop off
    1. Lorna Whiston Schools-Novena @United Square
    2. =Lorna Whiston Schools-East Coast @Parkway Parade
    3. SJI International School – Thompson Road (bus service available for this location)

5 key factors about Discovery Camps:

  • Personalised attention- for the child from the teacher (because of a small teacher-student ratio), who can observe the child in free-spirited, fun, nurturing environment, review their potential and talents and provide additional inputs to the parents
  • Experienced teachers - We have a dedicated, compassionate and highly experienced team. At Discovery Camps you can be sure your children are in safe hands.
  • Discovery Camps has one, all-inclusive price - $625 per child, per camp. You don’t have to worry about a thing! The price includes:
    • Camp fees Monday to Friday, 9am through to 3pm.
    • Early drop off from 8.30am so you can drop and then get to work.
    • Healthy lunch, morning and afternoon snacks by Michelin Star Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, all cooked and delivered fresh daily. Check out a sample menu here
    • A Discovery Camps T-Shirt and all you kids’ camp suppliers like a laptop for Code Academy or paints for Art Studio.
    • Flexibility – you can change your dates up to 10 days before camp subject to availability
  • Booking is a whizz with our easy online booking system where you can pay by credit card. Book now at www.discoverycamps.com
  • Different children, different interests? Look no further we offer a wide choice of camps to keep every child having fun and learning a new skill this summer:
    1. English Explorers (Ages 3 to 8)
    2. Multi Activity (Ages 3 to 8)
    3. Actor’s Studio (Ages 4 to 8)
    4. Code Academy (Ages 6 to 14)
    5. Lego Robotics (Ages 6 to 12)
    6. Life Skills (Ages 6 to 12)
    7. Art Studio (Ages 6 to 8)
    8. Magic Maths (Ages 6 to 8)
    9. Movie Maker (Age 9 to 12)

Check out our camp availabilities here

Have a question? Call us on +65 6664 8122 or email us at info@discoverycamps.com

  • Discovery Camps are thrilled to have Lorna Whiston's dynamic team of highly experienced teachers leading our camp learning. They have designed a programme to spark children’s natural curiosity for learning, excite their imagination, nurture their creativity and develop their confidence and communication skills.

    During the camp week English, Drama and Art activities engage and develop your child’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Each one of our English Explorer programmes has been designed by our team of specialist educators to spark children's natural curiosity for learning, excite their imagination, nurture their creativity and develop their confidence and communication skills.

    This Summer Holidays, the theme for our camps are as follows:


    3 to 5 years old

    Ocean of Dreams! (June 3 to 7 & Jul 22 to 26)
    Fishing around for holiday activities that will boost your child's learning this summer? Get swept along on a tide of fun with our wonderful new Discovery Camp programme, Ocean of Dreams. Each day our young learners will be immersed in a myriad of language and literacy activities designed to stimulate their imaginations and develop their curiosity about of the fascinating world that awaits them under the sea. This programme really is the Catch of the Day!

    Fairy Tale Fun! (June 10 to 14 & Aug 13 to 16)
    A very important literature genre, fairy tales are presented in all cultures around the world. Your child will cultivate the love for the written word and express their creativity for art. Your child will explorer a new fairy tale everyday and meet some of our favourite characters in Fairy Tale Land!

    Marvellous Minibeasts ! (June 17 to 21 & Aug 5 to 9)
    Are spiders insects! How do caterpillars become butterflies? How many legs does a centipede have?

    Creepy Crawlies have to be some of the most fascinating creatures on our planet. Our Marvellous Minibeasts Discovery Camps is a creative, story-based programme designed to provide our youngest learners with a stimulating learning experience that will boost their confidence, build their knowledge and support for the development of their early speaking, reading and writing skills. Your child will be as busy as a bee when they join Marvellous Minibeasts, a holiday programme not to be missed!

    Colours! (June 24 to 28)
    How do you think birds got their colours? Do we all respond in the same way to the same colours? Our colours theme will give your child a chance to explore the different vocabulary related to colours. They will explore the colours through different experiments and books. Come and join us to find out your child's favourite colour!

    6 to 8 years old

    Dinosaurs Roar! (June 3 to 7)
    Stomp your way back in time to the Jurassic Period, when the awe-inspiring dinosaurs roamed the earth! Full of stimulating, interactive and creative activities, Dinosaurs Roar is a sensational holiday camp that no child will forget! Our students will enjoy an incredible, action-packed learning experience as they become junior palaeontologists. Sign up for a roarrrrring good time!

    Aesop's Animals! (June 17 to 21)
    Come along and meet the ant and the grasshopper, the hare and the tortoise and many other animal friends as you read all about their adventurous antics. If you're looking for a programme to improve your child's reading and writing skills this coming school holidays, look no further. Aesop's Animals is a fabulous new Discovery Camp programme based on some of Aesop's classic tales, each with a timeless moral lesson. Our young learners will experience a wide variety of interesting activities, including writing their own fable and putting on their very own puppet show!

  • Our Actor’s Studio camp focuses on fluency skills, speech development, performance and presentation, boosting our students’ creativity and confidence through exciting and engaging activities.

    From the moment our promising thespians arrive, they’re immersed in the dynamic medium of creative drama, learning to think, explore, sense and experience theatre arts. Since it’s important to know what goes on backstage too, students work together to create original presentations and performances, culminating in a spectacular show produced and directed by the kids themselves.

    They’re in control of the entire production: crazy costumes, imaginative set design, and atmospheric lighting are all down to them! Parents are invited to an exclusive performance at the end of each week.

    Heigh-Ho – June 10 to 14 and Jul 22 to 26
    The classical story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is well known by one and all.

    But, do you know anything about the Seven Dwarves?
    Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy and Bashful are 7 best friends Snow White found by chance.

    The Evil Queen tricked Snow White into falling asleep for ETERNITY and Prince Charming is nowhere to be found!
    In a world without a Prince, who will save the Princess?
    Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho...

    Click Clack Moo! June 24 to 28 & Aug 5 to 9
    Our story takes place down on the farm where we discover the farmyard birds and animals are extremely unhappy with their living conditions. The cows have a BRIGHT IDEA and decide to write an official letter to the Farmer Giles. They type it on am rusty typewriter they found in the back of the hay barn, in the hopes their demands will be met. Whoever heard of them birds and animals complaining! How will it end?