Lorna Whiston Preschool and English Enrichment Centres

Lorna Whiston camps provides a supportive playground of self - exploration for all children of ages 3 - 14, so that they can discover and enhance their unique skills, abilities, and talents, through a diverse mix of fun learning experiences.

On one hand, we nurture your child's self- discovery process and overall development, to bring out the best in him/her.

This March Holidays, our camps will be held at Lorna Whiston School @ United Square and Parkway Parade.

3 key factors about Lorna Whiston Camps:

  • Experienced teachers - We have a dedicated, compassionate and highly experienced team.
  • Lorna Whiston Camps has one, all-inclusive price for each camp. You don’t have to worry about a thing!
  • Different children, different interests? Look no further we are offering you a variety of choices this holiday period to keep every child having fun and learning a new skill virtually:
    1. English Explorers (Ages 3 to 8)
    2. Creative Writing (Ages 7 to 8)
    3. PSLE Bootcamp (Ages 11 to 12)

Have a question? Call us on +65 6871 8844 or email us at campinfo@lornawhiston.com.sg

  • Our Lorna Whiston teachers have designed an English learning programme to spark children's natural curiosities for English learning, excite their imagination, nurture their creativity, develop their confidence and communication skills.

    What better way for your child to improve their English, during this holidays in Singapore!

    English Explorer Camp for 3 to 5 years

    In our English Explorer Camps for 3 to 5 years, your child will be having an hourly session of English, Drama and Art. All the lessons will be related to the theme of the week. In our English sessions, the teacher will cover vocabulary, grammar and reading.  

    Upcoming Dates
    May 31 to June 25 (weekly Mon to Fri)
    Timing: 9am to 12pm
    Theme: Fairy Tale Fun/ Friendly Creatures
    Cost: $450 per week 
    Location: Online via Zoom

    English Explorer Camp for 6 to 8 years 

    Upcoming Dates
    May 31 to June 25 (weekly Mon to Fri)
    Timing: 9am to 12pm
    Theme: Superheroes/ Under the sea
    Cost: $450 per week 
    Location: Online via Zoom

  • Lights, camera, action! Our promising thespians are taught to think, explore, sense and experience through the dynamic medium of creative drama. The children work collaboratively to learn their script and prepare a show for parents!

    Upcoming Dates

    Nov/Dec Holidays

    Theme: Heigh-Ho!! 

    We all know the classic story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

    But here's the twist!

    We know Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy and  Bashful are Snow White's 7 best friends.

    The Evil Queen tricked Snow White into falling asleep for eternity. The only one who can save her is Prince Charming.


    Prince Charming is nowhere to be found!

    In a world without a prince, who will save the princess? Can the dwarves help?

  • This creative writing camp will allow children to unleash their creative minds as they use language to explore the world of stories. Your child will learn about different genres, develop world knowledge, build vocabulary & create imaginative content. Through a mix of dynamic activities, children will nurture their language skills.

    They will be engaged in reading activities, creating storyboards and using technology to produce content. This camp will also enhance their social skills, as they collaborate with others and share their knowledge and skills.

    Upcoming Date
    May 31 to June 25 (weekly Mon to Fri)
    Timing: 9am to 12pm
    Location: Online via zoom
    Cost: $450 per week