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Discovery Camps

Discovery Camps is an initiative by the global education group A-Star Education, founded in 2016 with the mission of: “Preparing you today for a bright tomorrow.”

Besides helping students achieve academic success, A-Star Education aims to empower them with the essential skills and experiences to succeed in life.

To achieve our objectives and fulfil our mission, we have partnered with Lorna Whiston Schools to run holiday programmes during the school holidays.

Discovery Camps Mission:

To provide a supportive playground of self - exploration for all children of ages 3 - 14, so that they can discovery and enhance their unique skills, abilities, and talents, through a diverse mix of fun learning experiences.

On one hand, we nurture your child's self- discovery process and overall development, to bring out the best in him/her.

Additionally, we also assist you with our continuous inputs on it, to support you in being the best parent and caregiver that you want to be.

Why Discovery Camps?

  • Discovery Camps runs across the local and international school holidays. We start our winter season on 18th of November and the fun doesn’t finish up until 10th of Jan 2020!
  • We have 3 convenient locations to make it easier for parents to drop off
    1. Lorna Whiston Schools-Novena @United Square
    2. Lorna Whiston Schools-East Coast @Parkway Parade
    3. SJI International School – Thompson Road (bus service available for this location)

5 key factors about Discovery Camps:

  • Personalised attention - for the child from the teacher (because of a small teacher-student ratio), who can observe the child in free-spirited, fun, nurturing environment, review their potential and talents
  • Experienced teachers - We have a dedicated, compassionate and highly experienced team. At Discovery Camps you can be sure your children are in safe hands.
  • Discovery Camps has one, all-inclusive price - $625 per child, per camp. You don’t have to worry about a thing! The price includes:
    • Camp fees Monday to Friday, 9am through to 3pm.
    • Early drop off from 8.30am so you can drop and then get to work.
    • Healthy lunch, morning and afternoon snacks by Michelin Star Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, all cooked and delivered fresh daily. Check out a sample menu here
    • A Discovery Camps T-Shirt and all your kids’ camp suppliers like a laptop for Code Academy or paints for Art Studio.
    • Flexibility – you can change your dates up to 10 days before camp subject to availability
  • Booking is a whizz with our easy online booking system where you can pay by credit card. Book now at www.discoverycamps.com
  • Different children, different interests? Look no further we offer a wide choice of camps to keep every child having fun and learning a new skill this winter:
    1. English Explorers (Ages 3 to 8)
    2. Multi Activity (Ages 3 to 8)
    3. Actor’s Studio (Ages 4 to 8)
    4. Code Academy (Ages 6 to 14)
    5. Lego Robotics (Ages 6 to 12)
    6. Life Skills (Ages 6 to 12)
    7. Art Studio (Ages 6 to 8)
    8. STEM Explorers (Ages 6 to 8)
    9. Movie Maker (Age 9 to 12)

Check out our camp availabilities here

Have a question? Call us on +65 6664 8122 or email us at info@discoverycamps.com

  • We at Discovery Camps, are thrilled to have Lorna Whiston as our partner for our English Explorers camp for kids!

    They have designed an English learning programme to spark children's natural curiosities for English learning, excite their imagination, nurture their creativity, develop their confidence and communication skills.

    We have further customised their English learning program to the needs of children in the age groups of 3-5 and 6-8, to be taught by highly experienced English Language Teachers.

    The camp classes include not only English reading and writing activities, but also speech, drama and art, to fully develop and nurture your child's reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

    What better way for your child to improve their English, during the winter school holidays in Singapore!

    English Explorer winter camp activities:

    • Each group's and week's activities are based on a specific theme of the week for that group.
    • The daily camp activities are divided into 3 hours of English, 1 hour of art and 1 hour of drama:
      1. Reading and writing English sentences and learning new vocabulary
      2. Creating arts and crafts relating to the theme of the week
      3. Acting out the stories learnt during their English sessions

      Topics and Dates for English Explorer 3 to 5-year-old camps

      Date Location Themes Teacher
      Nov 18 to 22 United Square Animal Magic Poonam Kaur
      Nov 25 to 29 United Square Friendly Creatures Naazreen Angullia
      Dec 2 to 6 United Square Nursery Tale Adventure Naazreen Angullia
      Dec 9 to 13 United Square Winter Wonderland Naazreen Angullia


      Topics and Dates for English Explorer 6 to 8-year-old camps

      Date Location Themes Teacher
      Nov 18 to 22 United Square Fun and Fantasy Karen Askew
      Dec 2 to 6 United Square Dinosaur Theme Karen Askew

      Click here to find out more and book for the camp.

    • Think your child has the potential to be the next Leonardo Di Caprio or Angelina Jolie?
      Enrol him/her in our kids theatre and acting classes in Singapore and find out!

      In our Actor's Studio camp, children will work in teams to rehearse scripts of fun, innovative tales, and then act out the roles in a full play and performance.

      And this is not just any other camp or drama class for children!

      We have Lorna Whiston's team of highly experienced teachers leading this camp.

      Additionally, these theatre camps have a unique concept. The stories that the children have to act out are either innovative ones, or well-known tales with a surprising twist! This makes it even more fun and engaging for the participants.

      Camp activities:

      • Children work with each other to rehearse a show script throughout the week, guided gently by teachers
      • Learn all aspects of theatre: script lines, stage directions, queues and movements...ready to put up a show!
      • You can watch their performance at the end of the camp week

      Topics Camp Dates
      Oh no! Santa Claus has a fever Nov 25 to 29
      The Wizard of Ox Dec 9 to 13
      Fairy Tale Town Dec 16 to 20

      Click here to find out more and book for the camp.