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A school is nothing without its teachers, and Lorna Whiston hires the most passionate and dedicated teachers we can find. In the classroom, they are committed to each student, providing individual attention and progressive feedback; out of the classroom, they search for and prepare the most engaging and interactive lessons available.

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Ge Chao

Ge Chao

Shanghai, China

Diploma in Early Childhood Education – KLC International Institue, Singapore

Ge Chao has been living in Singapore for the past 10 years. After having her own children, she realised the importance of childhood education, and set forth to join the education industry in 2016.

Ge Chao hopes she can help the children to reach their full potential through teaching with love and patience.


大家好!我是葛超老师,很荣幸也很高兴加入这个大集体! 我来自上海,到新加坡也有十多年了,兜兜转转我还是来到了这个领域,成为我梦寐以求的一名幼儿教师,我在家里同辈中是最小的,所以身边有许多侄子侄女,从小就喜欢照顾小朋友,和他们一起唱唱跳跳读故事书,现在我也有了自己的孩子,更能体会幼儿教育对于孩子一生的重要性,所以接下来我会尽我所能,用心、耐心地来教导及爱护孩子们,同时也会学习孩子们身上的闪光点、创造力和想象力,陪伴孩子们一起成长! 2020年我加入Lorna Whiston Preschool,担当下午班的华文老师,希望能和小朋友们共同学习和进步!

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