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A school is nothing without its teachers, and Lorna Whiston hires the most passionate and dedicated teachers we can find. In the classroom, they are committed to each student, providing individual attention and progressive feedback; out of the classroom, they search for and prepare the most engaging and interactive lessons available.

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Guo Dong Dong

Guo Dong Dong

Fujian, China

Diploma in Preschool Education - Fujian Institute of Education, China

Guo has been working as a preschool teacher since he graduated in 2014. He has found a lot of happiness from working with children and loves teaching and the teaching profession.

A dedicated teacher, Guo appreciates that his students are full of surprises and the happiness surrounds them: whenever a child’s laughter revolves around him, all troubles fall away! He feels that the curiosity of young children turns him into an encyclopedia, which encourages him to pursue answers to their questions.

Guo uses his knowledge and experience to teach children according to their aptitude and uses games to stimulate their potential. His hope is that every child has a happy childhood.


2014 年投身于学前教育事业

2019 年加入本公司

大家好! 我是自中国福建的郭老师。2014年毕业于福建教育学院。毕业以来一直从事幼教工作,我从孩子们身上获得了许多快乐,也伴随着孩子们的成长,让自己逐渐成熟起来。




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